Bio Edit

Team Saint AKA Team Wizard Saint is an Multi-Guild alliance formed of Four active mages currently living in Earth-land, The Leader being Clive Groh (The Second Wizard Saint) Followed by The Sargent at arms Mystogan (King of Edolas) - Fable Lore (Sabertooth) And Tama T'oa (Blue Pegasus) They are considered some of the most powerful mages in existence. The team came together after King Todd rose to power after convincing his brothers to sacrifice him so that he might attain ultimate power, Due to the impending threat and the Zeref level power King Todd seemed to develop Team Saint was put together by the magic council.

Theme Edit

Team Saint is loosely based off of The Justice League where each of the members have a specific set of skills and powers, Those Powers or Magic complimenting one another. For Team Saint, It's that all of them Qualify as S Class Wizards or above.