Bio Edit

Team Oathbound is a team of Mage's who hail from the Fairy Tail guild in the Nation of Fiore, It is consisted of Mysty Gryder, Kai (Team Leader) and Freya Strauss. Together they are "Team Oathbound" Of fairy tail, However before Freya Strauss was recruited the team consisted of Kai and Mysty Gryder, Who's entire mission was to become the Strongest Mages, Once Freya was recruited the attitude of the team changed, They started to Focus on becoming the strongest team.

Theme Edit

Team Oathbound focuses highly on the concept of Teamwork and Tactics before charging out into battle, Often taking time to plan out their Formations and attacks before even accepting a mission Team Oathbound prefers Predictability and Order over chaos and Anarchy, They will do anything to prevent these things from happening.