Appearance Edit

Freya Strauss is a Petite younger female with long flowing white hair and Green Eyes, She usually wanders around Magnolia in nothing but a black pair of loose fitting jeans a black shirt and a Black Pullover sweater. Often times going around with a ribbon in her hair, Freya prides herself with her natural beauty, Not going out of her way to add to what she considers "Good Enough".

Bio Edit

Freya Strauss was born Prematurely to Evergreen and Elfman Strauss, Almost dying during the Delivery she was raised very sheltered and not allowed to do much because of her fragility, Mostly because Elfman could not bare to lose his daughter much in the same way that He lost his sister. For most of her life her over protective father was right beside her, Throughout missions or even trips to the restroom (Or even on a date) Freya was always protected.

During the S Class trials in which Yuri Dreyar was promoted to S Class Wizard she was left alone for the first time in her life, With only her Takeover magic which she had limited experience in using due to her father doing most of the work for her on mission she almost died, If it wasn't for Kai (The Sound Dragon Slayer and Son of Cobra) She would have died in a match against a Vulcan.

Kai along with his Partner Mysty Gryder (Daughter of Mest Gryder) dispatched the Vulcan with haste, Convincing it VIA Mysty's Memory magic that the Vulcan was a member of the Fairy Tail guild trying to become an S Class Wizard (And that it was 6 years old) The Pair traveled with Freya in hopes that they could all become S class Wizards together, However, All Three of them were Defeated by Holy Fist Clive at the final battle.

Magic Edit

Take Over allows the user to, essentially, "take over" the power (or the body, in the case of a Vulcan[1]) of an entity and use it to fight. It can increase the power, strength, and speed of the Caster,[2] sometimes adding a new skill, such as flying or breathing underwater.[3][4] One can only "take over" the power of beings that they truly "know".[5] Currently, there are only 5 distinctively known kinds of Take Overs: Beast Soul, Animal Soul, Satan Soul, Machina Soul, and God Soul. In addition to embodying an entity, Take Over can also be used to control another entity [6] or another entity's abilities.[7]However, it is unknown if the entity one takes control of/takes over the abilities of has to have the characteristics of the Caster's specific type of Take Over magic.

Shortly after it was discovered that Dragon Soul Takeover was an actual magic in the Takeover family of magic it was also discovered that Fairy Soul Takeover magic was also a Type of magic a Takeover mage could use. This magic was discovered by Freya in a mission to recover a lost tome from an ancient temple, Within it's pages the location of real fairies was given, Wanting to find said fairies Freya went with her father towards the marked location. This magic was taught to her VIA the fairy known only as Ulvan, A concept that Ulvan gave to Elfman to train his daughter further in the art.

Fairy Soul Takeover Magic has Two special properties, It gives it's user wings and allows them to Shrink down to a very small size, A magic that is perfect for Stealth. The magic that Ulvan taught Freya was Takeover (Virgel) Fairy Soul, The magic of a Former Fairy Knight that specialized in Sunlight and Mirror Magic, The combination of these two Magics allow Freya to Conjure and create Magical Mirror, These mirrors being used to travel to places Freya has been before and can be used as shields, They can also absorb certain types of magic (Most except Curses and Earth and Fire based Elements.) The Sunlight Aspect allows Freya to project a Solar Fire around her Body, While not really fire but Really strong U.V. Light it has the ability to burn things on impact, Aside from covering her body with it she can fire it from her hands.