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Clive Groh is a fairly tall and Muscular young man, Sharing most of the same build as his Paternal Grandfather, Gildarts Clive except for his eyes. In many respects Clive dresses the part of a Wizard saint, Walking around in Dress robes most of the time fully understand his Image represents both his Guild and his nation.

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Clive Groh is the product of a One Night stand between Bacchus Groh and Cana Alberona sometime after the Alvarez invasion of Fiore, His parents finally taking an opportunity to go out for drinks and Celebrate the Liberation of Fiore from both the Terror of Zeref and the Invasion of a foreign army, When all was said and done Bacchus and Cana had a child as a product of that night but Bacchus agreed to raise it, Since he was a little more stable and had recently stopped drinking unless it was related to his job.

It was discovered fairly fast growing up, showing signs that he could use the magic of his father and the magic of his paternal Grandfather, for Bacchus this was a handful to deal with growing up as a small child. During nights where Clive was having a Tantrum he'd often accidentally use his magic and destroy the entire guild hall, The hall having to be rebuilt seven times due to the fact that young clive couldn't contain his magic, Since Bacchus' magic and Gildarts magic were fusing inside of the young child's body.

Moreover, It wasn't long before Clive became an S Class wizard for his guild, This was accomplished without the aid of a partner or interference from his father, Clive single handedly defeated over 400 monsters without any aid in a single night, Of course this S class trial was also a version of the Grand Magic games that Quatro Cerberus had devised, One of their own Monster Summoners creating the monsters for the trial, The summoner had expended all their magic and Clive was still standing.

After proving himself a capable S class wizard and the reports of a Young Mage being capable of defeating hundreds of monsters in a single night reached the Castle walls it wasn't long before Clive was asked to join the Rune knights as a commander, He accepted this offer and stayed with them for a total of seven months, The seventh month Clive was dispatched to investigate the rumors that a Dragon had been spotted 100 miles north of the castle flying above a small village.

It was discovered by Clive who was dispatched alone on this mission because the Rune knights believed that Dragons had died out when Natsu Dragneel and the Sacred Seven Dragon Slayers defeated Acnologia, Only leaving the dragon slayers to further the reputation of actual dragons, However, It was discovered by Clive that a small pocket of Dragons still existed high in the mountains and one of those dragons had gotten tired of being patient and non violent, So he went down to the village to Terrorize it's people.

When Clive arrived he found the dragon flying high above the city at a very fast speed, A certain king of magic power coming from it's body, Clive could tell this Dragon specialized in Ethernanos, Or pure magical energy as it's "element" that it could use. Clive quickly challenged the Dragon to a duel where he quickly defeated the dragon with a single Punch, his "Holy Fist Blitz" this attack was strong enough to shatter every scale on the dragons body, The second hit that landed made the Dragons heart explode.

After the fight with the Dragon Clive was named a Wizard Saint, Because it was believed that only a dragon slayer could defeat a Dragon, his defeat and slaying of a dragon without said magic changed the mind of the magic council. After he was named Wizard Saint he went home to his father, Who said his Paternal grandfather had requested a meeting with him, Gildarts wanted to meet the child that defeated a dragon with his bare hands.

Clive went to The Fairy tail Guild and met his paternal grandfather, It was a grand meeting where the two swapped battle stories and Gildarts proceeded to tell Clive he could teach him how to "get any woman", Clive however told his grandfather he wasn't interested, Because all his time growing up with his father knowing his mother didn't want to see him caused him to distrust women all together, In fact he wasn't interested in dating. After their conversation Clive was invited by the master to stand along side Gildarts and test some of Fairy Tail's own S Class applicants in their trails, He accepted and quickly proved why he was a wizard saint, Because nobody could outright defeat Clive in a fight.

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Magic Edit

Palm Magic: A form of Magic that allows its user to focus his Magic Power in the palm of his hands. This significantly boosts the strength of the attacks he performs with the hands, allowing him to strike targets with great force through simple palm strikes. While noted to be a relatively orthodox Magic, it is shown to be extremely powerful and effective when employed by a martial artist focusing on palm strikes, such as Quatro Cerberus' S-Class Mage Bacchus Groh.

Crush: It is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. If the user is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally. Crush has various offensive and defensive properties. Using its inherent nature of being able to crush anything it comes into contact with, the user is able to nullify the effects of certain Magics by smashing them to pieces,[5]occasionally exemplified by the crushed substance, be it Magic or otherwise, becoming separated into numerous cubes. However, should Crush be directly cast on another living being, the target splits apart and becomes reduced to numerous, doll-like versions of themselves. This effect is not permanent, and the affected will, with time, return to their original shape. However, should the user wish, they can reassemble the divided person with a simple motion. By imbuing their fist with Crush, the user is able to send an enemy flying numerous meters with incredible force. It is also capable of being fired as a burst of energy at the opponent. This Magic can also be utilized effectively as a defensive means. For example, by crushing the ground underneath them, the user is able to create a cushion of sorts against enemy attack.[8] It is also possible for Crush to be used as a deflective barrier, sending an assailant flying backwards when they come into contact with it.

Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth  Empyrean: The user hits the target with a powerful strike, imbued with Crush. The force of this spell is so powerful that it is capable of launching said opponent great distances in the blink of an eye.

All Crush: The user thrusts their hand forward and creates a cross-shaped blast of energy in an attempt to disintegrate their target.

Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Absolute Heaven: The user hits the target with a powerful strike, imbued with Crush. The force of the spell is able to cause an explosion on contact.

Holy Fist Blitz: This is Clive's signature Technique, By Amplifying his magical energy VIA meditation and forcing the two magic's in his body to fuse into one a magical energy radiates out of the body, This energy forms two more arms from the users body, With the amplification from Crush and the Amplification from Palm magic Clive was able to kill a grown adult dragon that had managed to survive Acnologia's Dragon King festival.